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1. Mediation: A Manual for Student  Mediators

Mediation: A Manual for Student Mediators is a 48 page booklet detailing a Four Step Mediation Process designed primarily for Third through Sixth graders. The Manual also contains an expanded section sharing ideas on handling the inevitable challenges that await them(!), and a section of fun skill building activities. READ EXCERPT

Cost: $3.50 per Manual ($3.25 per with an order of 20 or more) plus shipping.

2. Mediation: An Instructor's Manual for Training Student Mediators

Mediation: An Instructor's Manual for Training Student Mediators was developed for use with Mediation: A Manual for Student Mediators.

The Instructor's Manual is used as:

* a guide for a four hour Mediator training curriculum

* a follow-up resource for the Mediation Program Coordinator.

The activities are highly interactive, compress a  lot of material into a short time, and are fun.

Cost: $28.00 per manual plus shipping

3. Conflict Resolution: A Map for your Classroom 

Conflict Resolution: A Map for Your Classroom is a classroom focused curriculum for training elementary school students to solve their own conflicts

* The focus shifts from teaching students to help their schoolmates solve their conflicts (Mediators) to teaching students to directly help themselves solve their own conflicts.  

* Kindergarten through Sixth Grade students learn  to be effective and fair negotiators or Conflict Resolvers.

* Conflict Resolvers learn a formal Four Step Conflict Resolution Process (technique/ ritual that is a variation of the Four Step Mediation Process) which creates a safe and respectful place for resolving conflicts. Students trained as Mediators compliment this broader curriculum but are not required for implementation.

Cost: $28.00 per Manual plus shipping

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