Speaker, Parent Coffee Hour.

"Thank you for speaking at our Parent Coffee Hour. Our parents are  always interested in what their children are doing in school, and having you  come into explain the mediation process was a special treat....Many parents felt the process of mediation was not only appropriate for school, but also for  conflicts that arise at home between siblings...."  


    Speaker, Drug Free Wellness Day.

    "Thank you very much for you assistance and informative talk on the DOEs Conflict Management/Mediation Program. The information which you shared at  our Drug Free Wellness Day goes hand in hand with our efforts to promote ˜wellness”. Our teachers and PTSA board members had great evaluations of your  presentation."


    Speaker, Vice Principals Association.

    "On behalf of the Vice Principals Association, I would like to thank  you for presenting a workshop on mediation and difficult people for us. We thank you for sharing your expertise on mediation strategies and for dealing with  these challenging people."

     (Chair, Winward Oahu Vice Principals. Association)

    MediationWorks Publications.

    "I was so please to receive the latest MediationWorks publication. All that I learned from you is still very much with me and has  become part of my work....Thank you."


    Graduate school professor, Educational Studies and Public Policy

    Speaker, University of Hawaii Cohort School Leadership Program.

    "May I take this opportunity to thank you for an outstanding presentation on Conflict Management to our candidates in the Cohort School Leadership Program. Your presentation exemplified both breadth and depth regarding conflict management in the schools and was done in a very professional and interesting manner.....Your expertise in elementary school conflict management was impressive and the interns got really involved with your efforts."

     (University of Hawaii College of Education, Office of the Dean)

    Speaker, Kapiolani Community College.

    "Thanks so much for your help, input and creative energies in the completion of our recent Mediation and Team Building Training at Kapiolani Community  College. Your contribution to our training team was absolutely essential and  made a very big difference to the overall impact of this training. We want you to know that we really appreciate your unique skills."

    (University of Hawaii Program on Conflict Resolution)

    Speaker, Special Education Conference.

    "Thank you very much for making a presentation at the Special Education Conference. We received many positive comments about the conference and your presentation Behavior Management through Student Mediation. You made a valuable contribution to the integration , acceptance and empowerment of persons  with disability and their families."

    (Hawaii State Department of Education)

    Trainer, Student Mediation / Conflict Resolution (Management).

    "Thank you so much for the ...Mediation Training. I know that students have taken their newly learned skills back to the classroom where they can  facilitate more effective problem resolution between students. They were clearly excited and interested in learning to become effective mediators. This is a very valuable service you have provided to us!"


    "Thank you very much for your continued support and training of our  elementary school students in Conflict Management. Your training makes such a tough subject very understandable and practical for children to understand and learn about. It is a life long skill that they can learn and will be able to  continue to apply in their adult lives."

    "Thank you so very much for assisting our school. The kids are excited as we head into our 2nd year of peer mediation. The empowerment we have seen has just been awesome! You are a contributor to our success and we appreciate all that you have done!"

    "Thanks so much. The kids feel a sense of accomplishment and total confidence  knowing this process works anywhere as long as parties are willing.

    Elementary School Trainee Comments.

    "Thanks for teaching me to be a peer mediator. I thought it was going to be  boring but it was fun. I’m glad I have this responsibility."

    "I also learned a lot things like kids and adults can have problems. I also  learned that not only adults can solve problems either, kids can too."

    *** "I like being a conflict mediator because when there are fights, I can solve the problems and the disputants can become friends again."

    ***" I like being a conflict mediator helps me stay out of trouble and helps me focus on how people get into fights. I have helped a lot of people with their  fighting problems. I think this program can help our schools to be a lot safer  and more fun."

    Trainer, Student Mediation / Conflict Resolution (Management).

    "The month of May was ‘Peace" month at ***** in which ‘Peace’ lessons were taught in the classroom and activities were held school wide.

    Continuing to achieve the goals of conflict mediation is a natural problem-solving vehicle for a peace centered environment. As the students move through the grades at *****, they will become more adept at using the conflict mediation process. The goal for the program is to achieve a level of use such that conflict mediation is an automatic response to problems by everyone in the school. In addition, to facilitate ***** as a ‘Peace Centered School’, we need to integrate Conflict Management/ Mediation into the curriculum, train our teachers and support staff...and plan for a training of our parents and community to encourage the use of conflict mediation in our students home and larger community."

    Grant request for MediationWorks' services ‘97

    "With the mediators assistance, students who are embroiled in conflicts have learned there are alternate ways to resolve problems without resorting to fighting or the need to retaliate, hold a grudge, or to lay blame. Students embroiled in threatening conflicts have the services of the student mediators who are a less threatening resource for them, as opposed to teachers or other adult authority figures. The mediators help the disputants resolve playground incidents on the spot. This prevents ill feelings from brewing or carrying on into the classrooms. Thus valuable instructional time and learning time are not lost.

    Class disputations stemming from playground incidents have lessened. There is also a marked decrease of discipline referrals to the office for recess incidents, resulting in more productive use of the school day. Additionally, with the playground incidents being resolved on the spot, this helps very importantly to prevent escalations into further physical injury. All this helps to promote safety on campus, which leads to a positive learning environment."


    "Prior to the implementation of the mediation program the principal, the teachers and I spent a lot of valuable class time as well as lunch and recess time helping children to resolve their conflicts. With mediators in the classrooms as well as on the playground, we are freed to concentrate on teaching and other areas of importance.

    One of the greatest benefits from the mediation program has been an improvement in school climate and the reduction of campus tension. The number of fights and disagreements have decreased each year."


    "Thank you for coming in to teach us about conflict resolution. Now when we have a problem, we’ll know what steps we should follow to solve that problem. We enjoyed the activities and your sense of humor. We appreciate the time you have taken to teach us."


    Elementary School Trainee Comments.

    "I have learned a lot about solving problems. I feel very honored and proud to be chosen among the people who were selected to be mediators. On duty, it’s really hot sometimes and boring sometimes but I still like being a conflict manager."


    "Thank you for teaching me peer mediation. I learned to solve my sisters problems. Now we have a happy life. My mom is very happy for me and my sister."


    "Thank you for teaching us how to peer mediation. I had a lot of fun with you. Now I can help people who want to solve their problem"


    "Thank you for teaching me how to deal with bully. I know a 4,000 pound gorilla."


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