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Of course

Students have choices. All choices have consequences.

Do the students spend their time and energy

 arguing? hurting each other? staying away? paying back?

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Do they take responsibility for their actions?

Do they work together to:

* understand each otherís point of view?

* resolve (or manage) the conflict?

* create fair solutions?

Do they have the skills to accomplish these goals?

Educators have choices too. Do they focus on:

* violence prevention?

* safe schools?

* social skills?

* anger management?

* drug prevention?

* conflict resolution?

* cultural diversity?

* reading skills?

* peer mediation?

* bullying?

* problem solving?

No one curriculum is the magic answer.

Consider cost: both time and $.

Consider the track record of a specific curriculum.

Does it change behaviors?

Consider the willingness of your educators to 'talk the talk' and 'walk the walk'.

Since 1989, Hawaii-based Susan Chang (MediationWorks) has trained 1000s of students and their adult coordinators, teachers, administrators, support staffs, and parents in conflict resolution techniques such as mediation. MediationWorks' primary focus has been at the elementary school level.

Ms. Chang is available to work with your mediators and/or other members of your school community.

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