Louis L.C. Chang


  Louis L. C. Chang, is a mediator, arbitrator, and lawyer. He is now in solo practice and is of counsel to the Hawaii law firm of Kuniyuki & Chang. He practices as an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Professional in the United States and the Pacific. Since 1973, his work has primarily been in the fields of commercial and contract matters, construction and design deficiency claims, professional liability, labor and employment disputes.  Reflecting the growth and change of the legal profession toward ADR, his practice has increasingly grown toward increased service as a mediator, neutral arbitrator, facilitator, umpire or discovery master.

  He has successfully mediated hundreds of disputes, including many complex, multiple party, multi-million dollar claims covering a wide range of civil, commercial, contract, construction, franchise, accounting and professional liability claims.  As a mediator, he finds especially challenging and satisfying the resolution of tough case that appeared to be at impasse. For such cases, he says “Finding creative solutions and overcoming impasses is really a function of how well a mediator can clarify interests from positions, neutralize non-productive conduct or tactics, mutualize the interests and objectives of the parties and futurize the conflict so that parties can negotiate their way effectively through conflict and toward positive directions.”

  • Lou loves to go shore casting (he doesn’t call it fishing because he rarely catches any fish). In addition, he loves traveling, observing and sampling different cultures and traditions, bicycling and kayaking.  He enjoys cooking using fresh herbs from his garden. Unfortunately, his cooking has helped to drive his two children out of the house.  Only his strong, dutiful and immensely tolerant wife of over thirty years remains willing to sample his culinary creations.

Lou may be contacted at:

ph: (808) 384-2468

website: http://LOUCHANG.com