What are your fees?

Depending on the case, we charge a flat fee, an hourly fee or a contingency fee. Flat fees are usually charged for standard documents. Contingency fees plus costs are available in plaintiff's personal injury cases. Hourly fees are charged for most other work. Contact us for details.

Where are you located?

The firm's office is at 1001 Bishop St. Pauahi Tower #2660 in downtown Honolulu. Click on the map icon for directions.                                                                    If themap below is too small, click on it.)
 Honolulu law office map link

E-mail us


(808) 524-4111

toll free

(866) 955-4111

Do you make house calls?

Yes, if necessary. We also fly inter-island to meet with clients.

Is your office a "full service" law firm?

No, we are a civil, personal injury and commercial law firm which concentrates on mediation, arbitration and litigation services. We also draft documents. If your case involves matters outside these areas, we will refer you to other lawyers. We are not "full service" but we are "personal service".

Why should I consider hiring your firm?

 We offer personal, caring and competent service and feel that the attorney/client relationship is paramount. Contact us for a free consultation and see if you are comfortable.

Did you really create this web site?

Yes. We are scriveners, too. (We are better lawyers than web masters)

What is it like, working in Hawai’i?  

Better than you may imagine. Sometimes, however, our investigator surfs (real surfing not the web) in the morning. When the surf is good, he doesn’t come in at all.

What do you think of this year’s UTEP Miners basketball team?

They are not the same since “the Bear “ retired (and UTEP was Texas Western). Also the recent sudden depature...  (Hey ask law-related questions, not WAC related ones.)

I was fired. Can I sue ?

This cannot be answered in a short paragraph. In general, most employees are “at will” which means that they can be fired for any reason. There are “carve-outs” or exceptions including prohibited discrimination under state and federal laws, breach of contract (or employee manuals) and “whistleblowing”. Seek legal advice on your situation.

What if I have other questions?

E-mail us. Your question may appear on the next edition of this FAQs. If you want a confidential response, please so indicate.

“Surfer Joe”

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